How it Works

March 5, 2014

SLMALive is an internet radio channel dedicated to broadcasting programs devoted to the subjects of marketing and sales. You can have your own weekly program.

Length: 30 minutes in length (25 minute broadcast time). 60 Minute programs are available (55 minute broadcast time).

Your Brand: with your company name, or with a broader industry category to attract listeners. For instance, if you are a marketing automation software company, you may want to name the program "Marketing Automation Radio."

Produced by SLMALive: We have the equipment, the streaming channels, a professional announcer, and six years of experience in producing internet radio programs. Programs can be produced in studio, or via Skype into the studio, and streamed out on the internet (most programs). You can be in your office and your guest can be in their office any place in the world.

Expected Results:
We estimate that in a year, fifty 30-minute programs will:

  • Bring in 7500 downloads (could be 4 times that if promoted).
  • The monthly download is estimated at 600 (4 X 150 per show) from your site, SLMA and syndicated sites. 
  • This is 75 hours of programming, being listened to each week. 
  • In a typical 50-week broadcasting year you will have 3750 hours of broadcast time distributed to your listeners. 
  • The cost per hour of download content delivered is $4.80 each; more downloads = lower cost. 
  • Some shows have had 3000 downloads within 3 weeks, many at 750, the average is 150. 

Suggested Content:
Your program can carry:

  • "How to" subjects
  • Interviews with your clients or customers
  • Case studies
  • Discussions with guests about industry subjects 
  • Product reviews
  • Rants
  • Product introdauctions
  • Your company news
  • Employee news
  • Training
  • Testimonial interviews

Program content can be used in many ways:

  • On your home page (player with program lists).
  • On your blog
  • Links sent in email blasts
  • YouTube
  • Interviews as a basis for white papers, etc.
  • Testimonials
  • Webinars
  • Accessed through a player on your site(s) 
  • eMail promotions

SLMALive Social Media:

  1. SLMALive Linkedin 
  2. SLMA Pinterest
  3. SLMALive Instagram
  4. SLMALive Twitter
  5. SLMALive Google+
  6. All programs loaded for iTunes subscriptions

It's easy to get started:

  1. Insertion Order: SLMALive sends you an insertion order to sign. The minimum show commitment is three months (12 programs). 
  2. Dates: You decide on a launch date, and the time of broadcast from the slots available.
  3. Discounts: A 3% discount applies to those who make a three month program commitment. 
  4. Invoicing: We invoice you one month in advance, or 3 months in advance (3% discount). 
  5. Press Release: We send out a press release on BusinessWire about your new show. 
  6. Holidays are dark (no broadcasting). Other dark periods: between Xmas and New Year's, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Labor Day and Memorial Day. 

These are the broadcast times available (Pacific Time):

  • Thursday 10 AM to 2 PM (Four hours available) Pacific Time. UTC/GMT -8 hours
  • Rebroadcast of shows are determined by openings on the channel.
  • Other hours and days available on request. 

Promoted by the SLMALive and the SLMA: The SLMA is devoting a special section of its website on the home page for the radio programs and times of broadcast.

  1. Press Releases
  2. SLMALive Website: List of Programs
  3. SLMALive Website: a player on our site for all programs 
  4. YouTube
  5. Google+
  6. On the home page of the SLMA
  7. A program listing on the home page
  8. Email blasts to the membership
  9. RSS Feed that will utilize Hootsuite to push to Twitter and other venues
  10. We create separate a podcast channel on iTunes with your shows under our umbrella
  11. SLMALive Linkedin Group
  12. Monthly SLMA newsletter

Unlike a traditional radio program that is broadcast once and forgotten, internet radio programs keep on living via the recorded shows (not unlike TV programs)

Promoting Your Show:

Listenership depends on how you publicize your show. The SLMA will do some of it (social media, program listings, etc.); the rest is up to you. Results vary depending on your subject matter and how much you 'push it out':

  1. Weekly program announcements on your site for the upcoming program.
  2. Email blasts to your database (before and after)
  3. Each program featured on your blog (after)
  4. Notices on LinkedIn.
  5. YouTube recording for each show (if desired)
  6. Your own player on your site which carries all of your programs. 

Broadcast live (or prerecorded): Listeners will come to your site to access the program, or via the SLMA Site.

Program Storage:
PodBean - for storing all of your recordings.

Shows will appear on your own site with your own players, and a list of your own shows via a player plus:

  1. Be 'pushed' through social media and the SLMA site, as well as YouTube and iTunes
  2. Rebroadcast through the week, at your choice, on SLMALive
  3. Heard through syndicated sites
  4. Published on your blog 
  5. The program can be broadcast live, or recorded and then played

SLMALive, the producers:

  1. James Obermayer and Paul Roberts are the in-studio producers 
  2. SLMALive coaches you in program setup and launch
  3. SLMALive helps you get launched
  4. SLMALive provides the code for the completed programs 
  5. SLMALive gives you a Podbean site for hosting all of your programs 
  6. SLMALive sends you a professional headset with microphone
  7. SLMALive promotes your program via the SLMA and social media channels
  8. SLMALive lists your show on the SLMALive Radio Schedule on our site, and will carry the list of shows each week as well as the rebroadcast times
  9. Programs can be put on YouTube, etc. (added production fee)
  10. You can create a Google Hangout, then strip the audio and use the show
  11. Repurpose your webinar content
  12. SLMALive provides public relations support (added fee)

SLMALive Production Fees:

  1. One-time productions startup fee: $750. Covers website creation on Podbean
  2. As low as $1,350 per month for four 30-minute programs (see chart below)
  3. 60-Minute show: As low as $455.62 per 60-minute program ($1,822.25 per month for four 60-minute programs; see chart below)
  4. Rebroadcast during the week: $100 per show
  5. Printed transcript per show: $50 (can be billed in advance with the monthly fee) 
  6. Extra show production: required for recorded shows, not to exceed $150 per show; only required four times in the last 170 shows 
  7. Commercial creation: $500 flat fee, includes talent (male or female voice), music, script suggestions (but not written). Usually 50-65 words.
Program Commitment - 30 Minute Programs Fee*
Three-month commitment for a 30-minute program $1700 per month
Six-month commitment for a 30-minute program $1500 per month
Nine-month commitment for a 30-minute program $1400 per month
Twelve-month commitment  for a 30-minute program $1350 per month

*1. Program fees paid 3 months in advance earn a 3% discount.
2.  Monthly program fees are due on the first of every month for that month's programming.

** 60-Minute program slots are available at a 35% premium.  For instance, a six-month commitment for a 30-minute program is $1500 per month; a 60-minute show will cost $2025 for four shows. 


  • The program creator (you) retains the right to one commercial during each 30-minute show (two commercials in a 60-minute show)
  • SLMALive retains the right to run up to three more commercials during a 30- minute show, or up to 6 in a 60-minute show (competitors of program host are not accepted). 

We will make every effort to provide continuous hours of programming in blocks to encourage continuous listening (four hours of programs, eight shows ). Competitors will be separated. Added shows will lengthen the broadcast block. New broadcast days will be added as programs are added.

Choose your broadcast slot by calling Ron Goodman T. 510.471.3874
C.510.708.1276. We will reserve it as we work out the details.

A signed insertion order will hold your time slot. You can launch your program, on average, within 3-4 weeks.