What is Funnel Radio

June 27, 2016

What is Funnel Radio?

The creation of original content as internet radio that feeds many of the social media outlets that a company chooses to use with content that is a reflection of the media’s capability. The content in this case is primarily voice, but it can also be video and voice that is manipulated by the various channels into sound and print. From the radio voice on the channel program it is reheard on the program creator’s website, revealed again in a blog as voice and print, separated into meaningful quotes and snippets and constantly passed from person to person. It is not broadcast media whose voice dies when the last word is spoken; these voices carry on and circle the globe in many forms.

What kinds of social media do you mean and how does the original media get morphed into different shapes?

For instance it starts off as live content, is then recorded as internet radio and redistributed via YouTube, Twitter, and the internet as voice, from one website to many hundreds of sites and ears, and sometime eyes. It can be the heard as a total 25 minutes of thoughts and stories or separated into snippets that is reheard and transmitted and passed from person to person. It is republished on Twitter, and LinkedIn, and Printerest, and iTunes, and Google +, and Facebook, and hundreds of sites. It is similar to an echo that keeps on being heard once broadcast.

When it appears on a website as a media player, the listener listens for long periods of time. It isn’t three minutes and off the website is it 25 minutes on the site as the listener hears and moves throughout a site.

Why Funnel Radio?

It begins with every company’s responsibility to be its own media company. The SLMA has chosen to be a conduit that allows companies to take its many stories into the public through social media pipeline of different capabilities.

Funnel Radio is being broadcast on the internet in blocks of contents stringing one program after another together so marketer and salespeople and the public can tune into the channel and hear it live but also hear and see it in other forms.

The search engines, and especially Google reward those with original content and longevity on sites that carry the social media.

How expensive is it to produce?

It is very inexpensive to produce and reuse whole or in parts. We had a radio program recently that had 750 downloads within days. At the current cost for the original internet radio program the cost was $.46 cents for each of the 25 minute program of listening time. It wasn’t $5 a click with a 75% abandon rate within a few seconds it was $.46 cents for 25 minutes of listening time. How they then used portions of the content as hundreds of snippets, and blog entries and tweets and white papers and articles ad email blasts is anyone’s guess. It is up to the owner of the original content.

What are the subjects?

Stories and topical discussions, “How to” subjects, Case studies, Interviews with your clients or customers, Interviews with your C-Level Executives, Discussions with guests about industry subjects, Product introductions, Training, Company News, Employee news, Testimonial interviews, Rants