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June 27, 2016

SLMALive is an internet radio channel dedicated to broadcasting programs devoted to the subjects of marketing and sales. You can have your own weekly program.

Contact Jim Obermayer or Ron Goodman to get more information and pick your time slot, today!

SLMALiveSM Internet Radio Network

Do you want to be the expert and a thought-leader in your industry? If the answer is yes, you can use SLMALive's B2B internet radio network to host your own radio program! Your program will reach thousands of decision makers more cost effectively than virtually any other lead generation tactic. You can also have commercials on other programs to influence thousands of listeners/pre-buyers per month. The program will reach listeners at work, through your website, by subscriptions to iTunes, via your blog, or newsletter, and even through an email blast. The cost per listener from these combined sources can be $.45 cents to a $1 per listener. SLMALive is an internet radio channel dedicated to broadcasting programs devoted to the subjects of marketing, sales and vertical industry subjects. The programs on our network create multiple reusable content for the program owners. 

Internet Radio is Different

The format for radio is conversational, not PowerPoint based. It has a guest oriented format that is not scripted. Interview customers, present case studies, talk about new products, discuss the technology, be creative. Your internet radio program is easy to follow via iTunes or on an at-work computer while other work is being done. There are few commercials, but lots of learning moments for the listener. For the show's producers, internet radio keeps giving long after the live event either as a replay or in a dozen other ways.

Internet Radio Reinforces your Brand

You can name the program after you or your company. Or you can invite a broader

audience by naming it after the industry. If you sell exhibits, which is better? ABC

Exhibits Radio or Trade Shows Today Radio? Be creative..

The SLMALive network targets three audiences:

  • At work listeners
  • iTunes Subscribers
  • Post show consumers of content (see list below)

Using the content:

75% of the benefit of your show is the creation of content for the content hungry pre-buyer. These people may not have raised their hands and revealed themselves to you.  They are not yet a lead, but they want to know more about you and the industry.  You gain credibility with each program.  Offering this content in an easy-to-access manner drives up listeners week by week. The content from the shows can be used in many ways: 

  • Live  broadcast
  • On your home page (player with program lists)
  • In your blog (with a player) of the show)
  • eMail promotions: blasting links for specific shows (track who opens and listens)
  • YouTube (yes it can be done)
  • Interviews as a basis for white papers
  • Copy for articles
  • Testimonials: from guests.  Printed quotes and sound bites.
  • Transcripts: Feeds articles books blog, newsletters, etc.
  • Tweets: During the program and afterward
  • Snippets of text or voice taken from the program recording for your web site.
  • Guests put the show on their computer.
  • Your program can be syndicated and played from partner's websites. 

Ideas for program content:

  1. Interviews with your clients or customers
  2. Invite guests and companies that you want to open a dialogue with
  3. Have discussions with guests about industry subjects
  4. Address "How to" subjects
  5. Tell stories and have topical discussions
  6. Through guests obtain testimonial interviews
  7. Present product reviews
  8. Discuss case studies
  9. Launch product introductions
  10. Discuss company news
  11. Rants
  12. Train customers
  13. Interview leaders from a trade show or conference floor

Length:  30 minutes in length (25 minute broadcast times). 
Produced by SLMALive:
We have the equipment, the streaming channels, professional announcer, and six years of experience in producing internet radio programs. Programs can be produced in studio, or via Skype into the studio, and streamed out on the internet (most programs). You can be in your office, a trade show floor, or any place in the world and your guest can be in their office anywhere in the world. 

Call James Obermayer for a media kit or fill out this form. T. 360 933 1259, C.360 306 2946.





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