Why add video to your content marketing mix?

August 5, 2015
Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard make the case for why video should be part of your marketing arsenal. 
He'll answer:
  • Why should companies leverage video in their content marketing mix?
  • How do I get started, even on a limited budget?
  • What brands do a really good job with video?
  • Lead scoring on video
  • Is it actually converting? Are people even doing anything with it?
  • Why is mobile such a better goal to reach people than desktop for your video?

"Their instinct isn't to talk to a salesperson, their instinct isn't to call a company. Their interest is to consume content so they are reading blog posts looking at testimonials, reviews, watching videos, reading your blog and all of these things are educating them before they actually indicated their intent to purchase. And so video represents a huge opportunity as far as that behavior is concerned."

"A video view is technically worth a lot more because you really know what they consumed and you control that journey and again as people are spending more time researching before they are talking to sales..."

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