What happens to your podcast feed and what to do next.

May 12, 2014
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Are you considering starting a show on SLMALive? This video will give you an idea of how your feed can be used quite effectively. It will also give you tips on what you should do before your show and after your show.

This is geared toward those who start out with an audio file. We'll do another post to teach you how to extract audio from your video to repurpose it, as well.
If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]  We hope you find this 8 minute video helpful.
00:00:15 - What happens to your feed from your podcast site.
00:00:30 - Push to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
00:00:50 - How about recreating as content for YouTube.
00:01:15 - What you can do if you convert to a YouTube video - so many additional possibilities.
00:01:37 - What do do after you have your guest and topic to promote the show ahead of time.
00:02:00 - Create a blog post and consider an event on Google+
00:02:20 - Begin the chatter on all social media venues to build interest and support your guest.
00:02:45 - Time to get your guest involved - have them help you promote it as well. It's the least they can do since they'll benefit from the expo
00:03:20 - Consider a trailer or teaser for your upcoming show to build excitement, give you more content and more ways to drive people to the main podcast site.
00:04:00 - Give your guest the link to the teaser and embed code so they can use that, as well.
00:04:45 - What to do AFTER the show has been recorded.
00:05:00 - answer all questions and comments, thank your guests.
00:05:30 - Did you order a transcript? Time to use that and share it with your guests for a more detailed post.  This makes time stamping easier. Time stamping is HIGHLY encouraged, especially on YouTube.
00:06:21 - Create graphics from the quotable moments in the show - the AHA moments. Great for pinning and sharing on Google+ with great descriptions.
00:07:00 - Create a graphic to insert into the post itself - can be the same as the podcast graphic, but get something in there to be pinnable. Create a board on Pinterest for your shows and appearances.
00:07:42 - Don't forget to connect with everyone on LinkedIn and all venues to make it easier to cross visit publicly about the event and build your following.