Social Selling: Technology is NOT the strategy.

February 21, 2015

Secrets of social selling? Get them here and find out why a great social selling strategy + super-targeted prospects generates real results.

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Social Selling: 
It's relationship selling. Foster relationships and develop them before they are ready to buy.
Listen for buying signals. This is not new. Before there was social media and the internet. Good sales people listen to those signals everywhere, there are more sources than ever before, but the inherit properties have not changed. Social media has leveled the playing field by allowing any size business to gain these insights and buying signals if they spend the time.

Steve asked if we should disband the term social selling.
Matt says that the book, Challenge of Sale - that teachable moment. This is one of the most important books written in the past five years.This is the current generation's version of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This is a lot of the same information, but in a newer package for the newer generation. Seasoned sales professionals will recognize it as such.

"Just make more phone calls...." How do you sway those traditionalists and infuse social selling into your organization. They are typically in management.

Listen at 08:00 to hear the A/B test case study - you'll love this!
Took a cold call sales team. Allowed them to do that for half the time.
The other half social prospecting.
Following same processes - needs assessment or discovery call with the prospect.
50% more opportunities came from the social prospecting work than from cold calling.
Lists were the SAME.
Instead of just calling the same people at the same company, we did it with CONTEXT - something value to talk about, something the prospect initiated, some mention, some buying signal to initiate a real conversation.
Understand how to get that wedge and get a a conversation going so that you can learn and confirm what their needs are and get them to the point where they want to learn more from you.
Social Selling accelerates the path to the right conversations.

Compile is an aggregator. Find a tool like this to help you make use of the data out there.
If you're selling the hole and not the drill, the hole is the outcome, but starts with the need, if you understand what those indicators are, you'll find those triggers all over the web.

Steve Gershik: B2B marketing seems to be stuck right now - technologies and processes that have to be stitched together. They seem to be impediments to us. How do we make sense of this technology soup?

Matt Heinz: Technology is NOT the strategy. 
That's BACKWARDS: Know the strategy and what you are working toward, and then you'll know the Technology TOOLS you'll need.