Kevin Akeroyd on the Secret Behind the Oracle Marketing Cloud

July 23, 2014
Oracle’s Kevin Akeroyd is helping to make the Oracle marketing cloud solutions the best in the industry, bar none. Find out what drives him, the Oracle marketing machine and more.

Highlights include:
Steve asked Kevin, "How do you organize your marketing dept?"

@akeroyd : We keep modern goals in mind. Marketing and sales are two silos that need to come together.

It starts with CULTURE. When they acquire, they only acquire the best companies - not just the technologies, but the best people, the best talent and the best customers along with the best business models and best cultures. 

Best Cultures results in the rest falling into place. The key is maintaining the culture that made the company so great you wanted to acquire it in the first place. This is critical.

Steve Gershik talked about the gap between what people are learning in business school and what practitioners need to know.
Kevin says, "You have to learn how to first think like a marketer and then to BE a marketer."

How do you structure the acquisition and dissemnatino of data?
Kevin said it's easy to get paralyzed. What is the most important to look at and focus for yourself?. How do you rank what is the most important data? You'll have to listen to get these answers and more insights.

Kevin Akeroyd, GM of Oracle Marketing Cloud,is responsible for the global P&L, running the largest technology and services providers to the lines of business in charge of marketing and customer experience. The Oracle Marketing Cloud includes Marketing Automation (Eloqua), MCCM (Responsys), Data Management Platform - DMP - (Blue Kai), Content Marketing (Compendium), Social Listening (Collective Intellect), Social Publishing and Engagement (Viture, Involver). Prior to Oracle, Akeroyd worked for Badgeville, Jigsaw and