How to drive demand generation with Maria Pergolino of Apptus

December 12, 2014
Some what what we are covering in this show includes:
While building an organization to scale, what have you learned?
What do you look for in an intern or an early-in-career hire?
How do you measure if someone is capable of their position and when they are, ensuring they are working on the right things?
An attribute of great managers is the ability to learn from their mistakes. What is something you've learned from your mistakes?
How have you built this marketing organization within Apptus?
How did you decide which roles to bring in at what time?
How do you provide transparency among your team?
What do you do to spread knowledge of marketing?

1. What is a day in the life like as VP of Marketing at Apptus?
2. You had a great experience at Marketo – building a stellar reputation for content marketing and marketing automation. What did you learn at Marketo that helps you drive demand for Apptus?
3. In your role at Apptus – you manage corporate marketing, customer marketing and demand gen. How does corporate and customer marketing differ? What’s the most important thing to remember in customer marketing? 
4. You frequently write and speak about B2B marketing- what’s the biggest challenge for B2B marketers today? Why?
5. What is the key success factor for B2B marketers? 
6. What is your most effective strategy for driving demand generation at Apptus?

Little known fact: Maria Pergolino is also a wine expert - more on that perhaps during our next show.