CEOs Crater & Hopkins tell women how to achieve more - DO SOMETHING!

February 18, 2016

When you want to get further in your career, position, earnings - look to those who are already there and are still growing. Let people take notice of you for your skill, to-the-point explanations, persuasiveness, confidence. Listen to Bonnie Crater and Jeanne Hopkins speak on this topic and tell you some of what they recommend and have followed themselves. All of the answers can't be found in books or motivational talks. You learn in the trenches by observing those who are ahead of you. You achieve it by asking them pointed questions as to how or why they chose a plan, a tactic or response.

Bonnie Crater is the CEO of Full Circle Insights 
Under Bonnie’s leadership, Full Circle Insights gained market traction , doubled year over year and recently closed a Series A. With a steady vision, she led products to market that helped customers like Jobvite and Influitive make marketing impact visible to boards/investors this year. By intentionally building a team-first workplace culture, Bonnie created a passionate team that delivers groundbreaking martech solutions.

Jeanne Hopkins is CMO of Continuum Managed IT Services

Jeanne Hopkins has built a powerhouse metrics based sales and marketing team at Continuum that drives quality leads and revenue for MSP partners. She has been honored by SLMA with “50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management,” 2011– 2014 and “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” for four years.