Building a High Performance Marketing Stack

August 11, 2015

Hear Jason Seeba, Chief Marketing Technologist from Bloomreach, share his thoughts on how to tackle an increasingly challenging task: how to build out your marketing technology stack. There are more vendors and tools than ever before so it's easy to get lost.

A Marketing Technologist is person who really brings together the engine that drives, marketing and sales and startups. So that means bringing in new technology, it's trying to figure out how to hire the teams that uses technologies to kind of improve their outreach efforts but then also bring them together in a cohesive way so that people can drive revenue. Jason maps out a clear way to think about building out a stack that fits your business needs and capabilities.

He covers:

  • How to build a successful marketing stack
  • What does a marketing technologist do?
  • The future of martech

"The beginnings of the marketing stack are really CRM and marketing automation."

 "When you are the first person in sales and marketing in a company, all you are doing is trying to figure out how to prioritize your day, your week, your month to drive revenue." 

To Build a Successful Marketing Stack: 

  • Realize the beginnings are really CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Getting CRM and CRM adoption is a key factor.
  • Driving adoption for the basics: opportunity tracking, contacts, the lead lifecycle
  • Bringing in and setup up the rules for your marketing automation system. If a tool doesn't actually create change and help you drive revenue, it's pretty worthless.  
  • Ideally the business rules you write for your marketing automation, for example Marketo, will tie to your CRM - such as Salesforce. 
  • Data optimization layer is next. 
  • Account-Based Marketing by mapping your universe before they ever consider you. Prioritize people based on personas you create. Then, the SDR, events and demand gen teams can to out and target those people and add value. 

This formula does NOT include mass emailing, relying on ad clicks. We are talking about focusing on quality over quantity when you are discussing account-based marketing. Think long term. You don't burn your contacts with tricks and hacks. This takes tact and thoughtfulness by adding value at every touch point. People need to look at you as the expert and look at you in a way that's trustworthy.

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