B2B Live Event Survival Guide with ANNUITAS’ Erika Goldwater

March 9, 2015
If your concerned about ROI for events: Yes, it's hugely important; but there's not always immediate return. From an ANNUITAS and leadspace perspective, we always saw our largest ROI from events.
The buyers are THERE. The face to face element can't be underestimated. 

But it's not just pitching your product. 
It's a great chance to network and gain more knowledge on sales, your buyer or industry trends. 
PRE-EVENT: Booth process

What do I want to convey?
What sort of message do I want to establish at the event? 
How can I get them to talk to me?
What will make them stop? 
Look at your giveaway and signage. It's your opportunity to engage them in some sort of way to have a conversation. Intriguing graphics, bullet point, question, phrase set the tone an interest.

Be provocative.
DW: Cheasy things can get your attention, but it has to be on-message with your brand.
If you are known as the annoying booth at the trade show, people will avoid you.

Unless you have a good conversation going with them already, you don't already know where they are in the buying cycle. On that path, a tradeshow is not a place to launch something brand new. Unless everyone knows what you do, it can be confusing.

If you do something new and totally different, you'll have to engage the potential attendees ahead of time - build excitement and start that conversation for continuity.
"Meet us at the booth!" - not enough to start a conversation. What are you going to reveal, share, demonstrate?
"Come meet the new CEO...." give an opportunity and background. Need the build up.