Agile Selling and Hidden Gems from Jill Konrat

July 31, 2014

If you don't know Jill Konrath yet, it's time to get caught up. Her site is a welcome basket fancier than print vendors in the 90s would bring at the holidays to thank you for the 300 page sales report job you did in full color for 10,000. She generously gives away tools to help any sales and marketing professional exceed any expectations they had of themselves and becoming a wildly valuable member of any team. Really, I'm not just getting all mushy on you here. Check this out:

So we're here to talk to her about what sets her latest book, Agile Selling, apart from any she's written in the past. We don't want to give the whole show away, but join us and take notes. This is one of those guests that will leave you gasping with inspiration and action items!

A couple of the questions she'll be answering include:

What role should technology play in today's sales organization?

What happens when sales doesn't trust in their data and/or marketing?